Inès & Maréchal

Inès & Maréchal

New collections are on their way and we are very excited to introduce a few new designer to Salvatore Schito for S/S 2021! One of which we had the pleasure of presenting to you a few years back: Inès & Maréchal!

Back with what can only be described a leather luxury galore!

Founded 2000 in Paris, the maison Inès & Maréchal is a luxury brand of the collaboration between Inès, a passionate journalist of fashion and design, and Alain Maréchal, a specialist in the purchase of raw materials who worked for the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Inès & Maréchal connects high-end concept to sustainable development by using a short circuit and closely monitoring its entire production chain, sourcing its raw materials – from exclusively Europe – to the making of its collection and products distributions.

Their silhouettes reinterprets the classics of luxury in its own way, which combines arty notes and sobriety. Thus, the brand plays with a femininity that is revisited in a palette of warm and tropical colours, where cafe au lait/ mahogany/ camel/ tobacco blend/ peacock blue and emerald co- exist. 

Made from 100% real leather we have selected some of your fundamental pieces for eternal luxury!