What a show! 

If you haven't already seen N°21's latest runway show you must ASAP! 
As always Alessandro Dell'Acqua doesn't disappoint! This memorable runway show celebrating N°21's 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY left us beyond excited! 
Before the show Dell'Acqua spoke to vogue and expressed the following about his F/W collection: 
I wanted to celebrate them all, all the obsessions that have always been there at the heart of my work, but there’s not a hint of nostalgia!” Optimistic and cheerful, Dell’Acqua was reflecting on his past—but ready to move on.
And exactly this is what excites us. All our N°21 faves are there but elevated and with a new twist. What we love about Alessandro is he designs pieces that truly are timeless and can be worn with previous collections and integrated to your wardrobe effortlessly. Looking at the collection every piece is what a wardrobe needs (making it difficult for us to choose ) and we know for certain they are pieces we will love forever!
Each style can be worn effortlessly but is intriguing, sexy, inventive and joyful. All the things we want to be while taking on this funny thing we call life. 
N°21 is always looking on the brightside;)
Keep up with what we choose from the N°21 F/W 2020 collection via our Instagram Stories and via our Preview/Pre-Order Page.
image via Vogue Runway

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