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Diffuser Eraclea, Aromatic, Boisè, Solar

Diffuser Eraclea, Aromatic, Boisè, Solar

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Eraclea Reed Diffuser

Family: Aromatic, Boisè, Solar

Mêtre Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour


Eraclea is the final creation of the Balarm collection. The ceramic room diffuser is entirely decorated by hand. Its pure white colour of the Turkish stairway evokes the finesse of the deserted, uncontaminated beaches of the island. Created by Bertrand Duchaufor, one of the most modern and fashionable French perfume makers, the fragrance sweeps from aromatic to ozonated notes, with a pleasant and sparkling base, which spreads marine freshness throughout the environment.  Each article is hand-crafted, so any differences between them reflect the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.  Every article is hand-crafted, and any differences between them represent the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.

Olactory Notes 
Head – Apple
Heart – Artemisia
Base – Marine Breeze


Material: Ceramic
Shape: Trilobate
Sticks: Wooden
Size: 15,5 cm Height (with 27 cm long sticks), 106 cm Diameter, Essence 500 ml

Made in Italy

Keep out of reach of children. Use the diffuser on a flat surface, away from inflammable materials. Pour the liquid into the ceramic tribolate. Do not move the diffuser when full and do not allow liquid to overflow, as it could be corrosive. The sticks will absorb and diffuse the liquid in the surrounding area. (This process may take at least 24 hours). For greater intensity, turn the sticks periodically to increase diffusion of the fragrance. Do not wash in the dishwasher. 

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