It's the beginning of december and for once the snow as graced us with it's clean white powder at precisely the right time and season. With all the troubles and unsureness going about it is more poignant than ever to celebrate the small joyous moments we are given. 

Wandering through the city you can feel the need for celebration and to be transported to a parallel city filled with magic and laughter. The shops and streets are covered in gleaming lights and the windows are decked with festive decorations, chalets and huts are being assembled to offer a cosy, warm and safe place for all the inhabitants to gather and enjoy their offerings.


We too at Salvatore Schito want to keep people smiling and to bring a bit of joy to the city of Zurich and its people.


Back in again this year is our famous Panettone by Antonio Mattei alongside tasty Biscotti to dip into your hot coffee or your hot chocolate while warming up alongside the fire or snuggled up on the sofa. 

Party outfits are a must! We don't mind if we have no were to show them off it's about feeling your best and getting back to normality and looking forward to the future and all the events to come.

The perfect gifts be it a cashmere scarf, best selling sneaker, unique bracelets, yummy cocktails the perfect handmade shirt we got you ;)


Experience a bit of luxury and beauty in-store at Salvatore Schito this Christmas.


We wish you all the best and promise us enjoy the festive season to the max!


Looking forward to your visit,


Your Salvatore Schito Team.

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