deMEntality - Brain Food with a cause

"Love over Brain” are foods or production methods
that promote the functioning of the brain and boost the memory.
deMEntalitys products are based on health and are created without additives and in collaboration with people with dementia.
Dementality was launched in 2019 with the idea of ​​”getting the ball rolling and making a difference”.
It embodies a composite of the words ”dementia” and ”mentality”.
Fundamentally, it means the thought and behavioural pattern of a transformed personality.
In the long run, Dementality aims to continuously support the dementia affected persons and their environment
and to enable them a touch of joy and zest for life in this modern world
- even if in the end it only is for a brief moment.
The philosophy of Dementality is to become human (again)
and together to regain knowledge of the essentials.
Encounters are created and accompanied by various activities and a sustainable cuisine;
this creates memories that form an exchange.
These encounters create a unique community,
which takes into account the socio-cultural changes in the way of life of today
and ultimately corresponds to the 21st century.


Founders dementality  

The Founders

live in complete acceptance of what is....

"in the life of dementia, there are good days and bad days, you never know what today will be.

live in complete acceptance of what is, adjust your method of communication, create emotions, and memories of love."

Su Chong and Youn-Chong Bak

Sisters and daughters of their affected mother

Their personal and daily experience with dementia during many years encouraged the sisters to "make a move" and to found the association.





deMEntality - Brain Food with a cause Salvatore Schito
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