NEW 4 SS23 : palmer//harding

palmer//harding was founded in April 2011 by Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding, both alumni of Londons Central Saint Martins.
''We are opposites of each other in many ways and this is reflected in the methods that we create our collections together. Levi is fluid in his approach to design; draping on the mannequin, cutting and slashing fabric into form. Matthew gives Levis’ fluid expressions structure, concept and emotion, fusing the balance of ourselves in everything we create.''

palmer//harding is a designer brand based in London, who are synonymous with the shirt. 


The shirt is a garment that has a friction in the balance between masculine and feminine. There is a sense of electricity in the threshold between opposites and this is where palmer//harding explore their collections:

masculine // feminine

hard // soft

structured // fluid

We create interesting clothes for interesting people. 


The designers, Matthew Harding and Levi Palmer, met while studying at Central Saint Martins in 2007. Wanting to express their creativity in a garment that applied to the daily life of the women that surrounded them led the duo to utilise the shirt as a template for creativity. The pair experiment with innovative pattern cutting and draping techniques cultivated through their design education to build directional and desirable collections that constantly evolve the idea of what a shirt can be. A recurring theme within their aesthetic is an exploration into the balance between two extremes and playing with volume and movement to convey an emotive romanticism.

Since launch, the brand has received several accolades and accomplishments which include; 4 seasons of NewGen sponsorship from The British Fashion Council, dressing Michelle Obama for her first public speech after leaving The White House and winning the 2017 British Vogue Designer fashion fund.



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