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Bag LOLLO Silver

Bag LOLLO Silver

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Dedicated to the world’s most beautiful woman, a majestic soul who has gracefully lived nearly a century, untouched by the passage of time, like a true Goddess.

She embodies a multitude of talents: photographer, painter, sculptor, actress.

Throughout her life, she insisted on being addressed by the name she was given at birth, for no other name could ever capture her essence.

Her diminutive, a sensuous and melodious word that makes the tongue touch the palate twice when spoken, belongs to her and her alone.

Lollo, the mini-tote features a pure silk satin soul adorned with the most precious crystal mesh, stands as a tribute to this divine woman.

Measures: H: 19cm X D: 4cm X W: 17cm

Light: 26cm

External: 100% Aluminium mesh studded with crystal rhinestones

Internal: 100% Organic silk satin pouch

100% handmade in Italy.

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