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Bag Travolta - Lilac

Bag Travolta - Lilac

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Travolta was born as a tribute to the iconic movie directed by one of the most versatile Italian artists, Lina Wertmüller.

The crystal studded aluminum mesh and the jointed handle just recreate the relationship between the protagonists of the film, Raffaella and Gennarino.

Its body has no structure, it recalls the softness of the sand and the smoothness of the sea, the elements that make Raffaella and Gennarino fall in love. Are you ready to be swept away by its sparkling extravaganza?


Measures: H: 13cm X D: 0,5cm X W: 33cm

External: 100% Aluminium mesh studded with crystal rhinestones

Internal: 100% Organic silk satin pouch

Brass Handle

100% handmade in Italy

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