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Bag VITTY - Jet Blk

Bag VITTY - Jet Blk

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Everyone calls her VITTY but she prefers to be simply called “Monica”, and is a tribute to the great Italian actress, shy muse of Michelangelo Antonioni.

She loves to be embraced tightly and knows how to reciprocate lightly with the softness of a hand-sewn silk satin body. If you take her outside and hold her under your arm, whether for a moonlight or just for a firefly, with her mesh of crystals dress she knows how to shower you gently with her flickering reflections: it is her way of blushing.


Measures: H: 12cm X D: 3cm X W: 18,5cm

External: 100% Aluminium mesh studded with crystal rhinestones

Internal: 100% Organic silk satin pouch

100% handmade in Italy.

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