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Candle Zyz, Spicy, Oriental

Candle Zyz, Spicy, Oriental

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Family: Spicy, Oriental

Maître Parfumeur: Felix Deschamps



Zyz is a term from the Pheonician language, which represents the idea of something beautiful, shiny and decorated. This scented candle, embellished with the idyllic pink of the sunsets of the Island of Currents, is a unique, handcrafted object; powerful and sophisticated, capable of creating an exclusive atmosphere. Its fragrance, by Felix Deschamps, combines notes of orange, cinnamon and lightwood. It is a clear reference to the enveloping Mediterranean breeze of the ancient route of spices, ideal for large and medium environments. Every article is hand-crafted, and any differences between them represent the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.

Olfactory Notes
Head – Lily of the Valley
Heart – Cinnamon
Base – Vanilla


Material: Ceramic
Shape: Trilobate
Sticks: Wooden
Size: 12,3 cm Height, 10,6 cm Diameter, Essence wax  320 g 

Made in Italy


Sensifill program borns to give a new life at candles . Essensitive collect the used candles that are then washed, sanitized and refilled with wax again. For reuse and minimal environmental impact.

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