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Bag Ursolina Crystal

Bag Ursolina Crystal

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Ursula captures that invisible moment in which, on the skin that emerges from the water, light remains imprisoned in the memory of its liquid form. A drape of light made just by the essentials, perfectly adherent to the body and at ease, as Ursula Andress and her bikini in the famous scene of “Agent 007 – License to Kill”.


A metallic mesh bag draped like a scarf, with a silk satin pouch and a zip that is accessible on one side. Ursula is like a suspended pocket with a metal handle.


Measures: H: 44cm X D: 5cm X W: 27cm

External: 100% Aluminium mesh studded with crystal rhinestones

Internal: 100% Organic silk satin pouch

Metal handle

100% handmade in Italy.

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